Canaltown Connections, Rochester, NY Networking


What is Canaltown Connections?

We are a group of like minded business individuals who meet weekly with the goal of expanding their businesses through connections with other business individuals.

Why Does Canaltown Connections Meet?

Our goal is to increase our own business through a system of qualified referrals both given to and received by the other members of our group. Through each other’s word of mouth marketing and in working together, we increase our base of potential customers. We are encouraged to get to know each individual of the group and to better understand each others’ business. We can then bring that knowledge to our own customers by referring their needs to our “business associates” in our group.

What Are Qualified Referrals?

This is the life and blood of Canaltown Connections prosperity. To us qualified referrals mean the other party is expecting a phone call from the member being referred. Bona fide referrals are expected to be given on a regular basis by each member of Canaltown Connections. A lead does not count as a valid referral in our group. We track these referrals given in our group.

Where Does Canaltown Connections Meet?

Currently we meet in two locations: Spencerport and Fairport, NY. Check out our Calendar Of Events to see more details of where and when each week’s meeting is taking place.

What Are The Costs?

$150.00 is the current annual membership fee. In addition to this annual membership fee, there is also a quarterly room dues fee that are as followed:

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Canaltown Connections?

  1. Increase your profits by meeting with a committed group of business individuals every week.
  2. Every member represents one “business category” in our group. That means your competitors are going to have to find somewhere else to get good referrals.
  3. We track everything. These include referrals, Canaltown Connection (one-to-one meet-ups), attendance and CTC cash (the money that was made by referral given). Group stats are updated every week and are passed around during each meeting.
  4. Each member is allowed to give an 8 minute presentation about their business. This is a great way to keep everyone in the group up-to-date with your business and what kind of referrals work the best for your company. Two members are spotlighted in each weeks meeting.
  5. Two door prizes are given every week to those who gave qualified referrals.
  6. Everyone can ask for a referral (both members and guests alike).
  7. We are a non-profit social group. That means all of the money that is collected from the annual dues are used for promoting the group to help increase our size and visibility in the Rochester community.
  8. Offer more to your customers! As a member of our group you can spread the word of your fellow members products and services to better fit the needs of your customers. You can finally become that well connected go-to person!

General Rules And Expectations Of Canaltown Connections

General Rules and Expectations.pdf (41 KB)